Murray Creative Creating luxurious interiors for elite clientele

My approach

Scope of service

Murray Creative provides the full spectrum of professional interior design services from creative works, through technical design and management to the ultimate hand-over of the completed interiors.

Getting to know

I pay particular importance to the initial time needed to get to know the project in its detail. To understand your own aspirations for your home, your preferred style and when you would like the work completed by. It is also important that you get to know me and that you feel comfortable that I am the right designer for you.

Setting-up the project

I believe that both client and designer mutually commit too and agree on the project scope of work, the service that is best suited to the project, the associated costs for that service and a timescale to complete it. Once that is established we can cement our joint obligations to the project, formally.

Getting on with production

I provide a focused and dedicated service, to that aim, my studio time is reserved for your project. I like to involve my client throughout the process taking them through the logical steps in the build-up of the Interior Design. Initially through visual aids and sketched ideas before moving to the final solution.

Making it happen

Here I focus on bringing the design up to a technical level that will allow us to have the proposals properly costed and ultimately implemented. There are two aspects to this, the build package and the furnishings package, with both I take great care to ensure a thorough attention to detail is adhered to.

Bringing the project to a finish

I dedicate my time to the property during the final stages of installation to oversee and direct the placement of furnishings and fittings. I finally seek to dress the rooms fully with carefully selected accessory pieces to hand-over a well considered and balanced Interior.


David Murray